Hindi Bloggers Hangout | हिन्दी वेबमास्टर हेंगआउट

Namaste Webmasters, Please join us for a Hindi only Webmaster Central hangout today at 11:00 AM :) Add your questions to this event page, this session is open to anything webmaster related…

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6 Responses to Hindi Bloggers Hangout | हिन्दी वेबमास्टर हेंगआउट

  1. Ashish Kalsi says:

    Hello everybody,

    We had a Hangout on Air in Hindi yesterday for the benefit of our Hindi
    bloggers. If you have a website which deals with multilingual content, then
    you might find this useful. We have covered some common mistakes that we
    have come across in Hindi websites.

    We really value your feedback and suggestions so please do feel free to let
    us know if you find value in these initiatives.

    #IndicWeb #HindiWebmaster 

  2. Girish Billore says:


  3. Urduism says:

    Thanks for making this video in Hindi …Syed Malik

  4. Umesh Chandra says:


  5. Paritosh Trivedi says:

    मैं जानना चाहता हु की क्या Google, paid platform उपयोग करने वाली websites
    को free platform जैसे blogger उपयोग करने वाली website के ऊपर वरीयता देता
    हैं ? क्या Google अपनी paid hosting platform चालू करने वाला हैं ?

  6. HindustanKaDil says:

    Great Initiative in Hindi Language !

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