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The markup is our recommended method for providing Google with the metadata needed to index your videos. Using it requires only a few non-visible changes to your video web page….

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  1. Dave Toth says:

    How does this translate to iFrame video embedding? 

  2. Frédéric Gaye says:

    L’ajout de ces balises vous permettra notamment de contrôler le rendu de
    vos vidéos dans les pages de résultats de Google (notamment au niveau du
    titre, de la descripiton et de l’image minitature) et ainsi de favoriser le
    taux de clic depuis les pages de résultats (et au final votre

  3. Spook SEO says: markup is 100% necessary these days to stand out in the SERPS

  4. rebelseo says:

    How does one use reverse DNS lookup to show content only to Googlebot?
    Specifically speaking of the contentURL and embedURL meta properties? From
    the google page this video is embedded in- “Best practice: Ensure that only
    Googlebot accesses your content by using a reverse DNS lookup.” Please

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