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SEO Business Box .. how to set up your own seo business

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Daniel Tan, once a banker, is now making over $24,000+ a month running his own SEO business.

In the SEO Business Box video, Daniel reveals how he runs his business and how you can literally copy his resources and run your own business.

Daniel is going to show you his Internal Processes and how he manage to grow from just $600 doing it part-time to now, 5 figures a month … see here.

Daniel Tan, an avid SEO business owner, has released his new home business product which is based on his blueprint and trade secrets whereby he makes an income of $25,000 a month.

After his successes with Backlink Syndication and Rank Mover, Daniel Tan has released his much-anticipated SEO product known as the SEO Business Box, thus completing his triumvirate of search engine optimization products. With the SEO Business Box, Daniel Tan has fulfilled his promise of outlaying to the average Internet marketer the blueprint and methods he uses to earn a lucrative and substantial income—he himself puts the amount at $25,000—in a month by using the concept of affiliate marketing coupled with his own devised techniques of search engine optimization.

Like his previous products, Daniel Tan has aimed this product at the budding entrepreneur as well, keeping the language as simple and without jargon as possible. By his own admission, even a rank beginner, i.e. a person with absolutely no knowledge of SEO, can learn the technique and realize the moneymaking potential of his method. He also says that some of the techniques mentioned in SEO Business Box can be easily outsourced, while still keeping the profit ratio almost the same.

Keeping in continuation with his previous offerings, even here Daniel Tan has focused on backlinking principles. This SEO Guru has stayed true to white hat backlinking methods and has shown how the process can be automated. With this product, he announces the concepts of Link Velocity and Link Acceleration, which have already become much talked about ideas among the Internet marketing cognoscenti already.

With some of the features and concepts of the SEO Business Box, several ideas have been debunked, often in a controversial manner. One of the most mentionable points in this regard is how Daniel Tan bills PageRank as a myth, saying that it does not need to be given as much importance as it is. He also tells about how backlinking can be done without attracting the much-feared Google penalty on any website. Among these common notions, he has also spoken emphatically about the Google Sandbox and why it does not need to be as feared as it is currently.

Some of the other distinct features of Daniel Tan’s SEO Business Box include that he has laid emphasis on the relevance of branding a product. Not only does he tell how an online marketer can find the most suitable brand name which is optimized for the search engines, but he also tells how such a brand name can be popularized on the Internet. He also trains entrepreneurs on how to choose the right company domain names that would be lapped up by the search engines.

With all these different features, Daniel Tan’s new product has started making an impression on the minds of the Internet marketing people. Initial reports of people’s profits using the method have begun pouring in, and that is helping to steadily consolidate the position of the product in the market.

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