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SEO Myths: Truth or Lie?

Understanding SEO Myths and Taking Decisive Action

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Are you confused when it comes to SEO?

You work hard on practicing SEO only to discover that some of what you might be doing could be a myth!

What course of action do you take? Start fresh or Do you become a savvy marketer and research those SEO myths?

Researching is a great step but it can be time consuming to sift through all those facts and figures.


We have put together a detailed book on SEO Myths for you. This book includes the most commonly known myths along with simple and effective tips on how to correctly apply each so called Myth to your websites...


SEO Myths

Your complete guide on understanding SEO Myths and the correct path to take when it comes to SEO.

Topics/Myths Include:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword META TAGs
  • Header Tag size does matter in SEO
  • You have to submit your site to search engines
  • The search engine bots canít crawl images
  • Content isn't Really important
  • Get as many backlinks as you can!
  • Having More than 100 links on your site can lower your SEO ranking
  • Some SEO is Good
  • I can worry about SEO any time
  • Guaranteed Rankings
  • Companies "Endorsed by Google"
  • SEO is one time activity
  • SEO is full of trickery
  • Keyword Rich Domain Names are a must
  • No-follow links are useless
  • Don't link to other sites
  • Flash is bad for SEO
  • SEO Tips
  • SEO Terms
  • Summary

This is a done for you resource. We have taken the time and effort to dig up detailed information regarding each SEO myth. Next we have described each myth along with details of what actions you should actually be taking.

No more worrying about practicing good SEO techniques.

You will have more time to spend putting these SEO practices in place instead of worrying about them.

Everything is laid out in an easy to read and understand manner. We've included tips and resources so you know how to maintain good sEO techniques in the future.

Get your SEO Myths today and put your fears to rest!

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